Please send $ADA to the address below and you will receive the appropriate amount of Trump Coin in return.  Your Trump Coin will be sent to the address of the $ADA that is received.  DO NOT SEND FROM AN EXCHANGE! The returned Trump Coin will be lost. 

THANK YOU.       


Minimum Investment: 5 $ADA

1 Trump Coin = $0.00001 USD

Any Investment over 100 $ADA will receive double the amount of Trump Coin in return.  Example: 100 $ADA will receive 200 $ADA worth of Trump Coin

Any Investment over 1,000 $ADA will receive triple the amount of Trump Coin and an exclusive 1/1 Trump Coin NFT in return.  Example: 1,000 $ADA will receive 3,000 $ADA worth of Trump Coin and a 1/1 Trump Coin NFT